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Our Mission

Meet Our Team

Our Story Leads to Glory House


Why Glory House…Why a ministry to unwed mothers?

Our stories, our individual backgrounds, though different, have been united by the Lord to convey His heart, His love, and His hope to young ladies who have found themselves at a crisis of decisions--confused, desperate, hopeless…

The ministry of Glory House is a ministry of family. Family is God’s heart and His original design and reason for creation--that He may have a family of sons and daughters created in His image and likeness to fill the earth. The family unit has been under attack for many years; the roles and responsibilities of moms and dads have been demeaned and degraded, undermining the basic fabric necessary for any culture to thrive. It is our desire to do our part to bring restoration, to see young ladies lives turned around and to see children rescued from the cycle of brokenness and …

Our story is one which displays God’s faithfulness, His grace and His redeeming love.


Roseann's Story

It was August before my senior year and I was well on my way to pursuing my dreams. I was quite proud that I would be graduating soon and would be only the second person in my family to attend college. I discovered my passion to invest in and educate young kids while enrolled in childcare classes through a vocational program offered at my high school. A degree in Business would prepare me for launching and running my very own after school program.

Suddenly my dreams came to a screeching halt when I learned that I was pregnant with my daughter, Mya. My boyfriend and I had been careless and I now had to consider what all of this meant for my future. Was I ready to become a mother? Could I still pursue my dreams? How could I finish high school, attend college and raise a child? All of these thoughts came flooding in and I was overwhelmed. I was now faced with the toughest decision of my life and I was most disappointed in myself. Just a young girl who could barely care for myself, I was afraid for my future. Now the life of another totally dependent human being would be my responsibility. My dreams and ambitions would now be set aside to look after the needs of another. Going out and having fun with my friends and having a little extra money to pursue the things that I enjoyed would no longer be possible. I saw the life that I wanted come to an end as the life of the little one growing inside of me would demand all of my attention and devotion.

At the time of my pregnancy, I was living at home with my mother, my brother, and my sister who was divorced with two kids. I was fortunate that I had the option of living at home and receiving help from my family. However, faced with the choices that I had made and the responsibilities that I would now have, I decided to leave home and get an apartment with my boyfriend. Determined to finish school, I started my senior year. On April 27, not long after my 18th birthday, my joy…my beautiful Mya was born. A couple of months later, I graduated from high school.

Years later, I consider this pivotal time in my life—the choices I faced, the struggles that I endured, and ultimately the blessing that is now my precious daughter who is a healthy and well educated professional pursuing her dreams with the husband of her dreams. Not everything in my life has been ideal, but I have a good life and I have been able to work with kids as I desired. I think of young girls today who are faced with decisions similar to the ones I faced. Many lack the support and resources that I was fortunate to have and think that their only viable choice is to end the life of their unborn child. My heart breaks for them and I wish that I could hug them and let them know that everything will be okay…that they can have their baby and still enjoy a beautiful life.

Over the years, God birthed a new dream in my heart! He has given me a passion to help young girls facing tough decisions with an unexpected pregnancy in real tangible ways...during a time filled with so much confusion...and so many opinions. As a single mother, it was hard to see how all of this would come to pass. That was until I met and married my husband, Al. God had been stirring something in his heart as well and just as He joined us together, he united our hearts in this vision that is now Glory House, a place where hope lives!

Al's Story

In 1969, my girlfriend, Lynn, and I were young and madly in love when we discovered that she was pregnant with our first son. As we were teens and still in school, the decision was made that the child should be given for adoption.

Lynn and I actually married years later and spent 35 beautiful years together. We were blessed to have nine more beautiful children--seven boys and two girls. Raising nine children in this age was certainly not the norm and we faced many challenges through the years. Life was met with challenges over finances, challenges over time, challenges meeting the needs of each child, health challenges and many others. We embarked on two businesses, both of which failed. Through it all, we learned to trust God to lead us, to provide for us, and to enable us. We learned that His grace is real and substantive. Yet, the biggest challenge came in 2003 when Lynn was diagnosed with cancer. For four years, we clung to faith and she fought valiantly until her passing in 2007.

For years, we wondered about the life of our firstborn son--where he might be and what kind of man he had become. We prayed for him year after year, especially on his birthday. Still, we knew nothing of his life until April of 2014. The day after his 45th birthday, I was overjoyed to receive a call from Jeff, the son we had given up for adoption. The circumstances surrounding that discovery were quite amazing and certainly orchestrated by the Lord. We were reunited after 45 years apart and he gained the large family his heart desired. The real sadness is that he never met Lynn; but, we await their glorious reunion in Heaven.

Through the years, Lynn and I had a real desire to start a ministry to children. But with so many of our own in the house, we did not see how this was feasible until our own children were grown. Then, we would pursue that dream, that desire that long burned in our hearts. After Lynn passed, I was left wondering: "Lord what do I do as a single man?" While in my heart I said yes to the Lord, it seemed this ministry would function best with a mom and a dad. God heard my plea and brought me Roseann. Through the first years of our marriage, the Lord began to bring clarity to the call, to the ministry, to Glory House.

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