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Our Mission


The Vision

Transforming lives to create healthy, whole families that experience the abundant life that God intends.

The Mission

To provide a loving, safe and supporting family environment for young pregnant women, enabling them to find hope for today and vision for the future.

About Glory House 

We firmly believe that communities are better when families are healthy and whole. Glory House focuses on building healthy families by investing in young women at pivotal moments in their lives. Glory House is a maternity home for young ladies between the ages of 18-25 who are single, pregnant, and needing guidance for the decisions ahead. Our heart is to offer a healing and safe place for these expectant moms to make a loving choice about their unborn babies...and to grow in practical wisdom and skill as they make many other decisions on their way to building successful lives and families. We are forging partnerships with various community entities in order to link young ladies to vital resources towards bettering their lives  and the lives of their unborn children.  Those who come will experience family and the abundant life God intends. 

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