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We Are Excited to Get Things Moving...

The vision of Glory House was birthed in our hearts more than six years ago and we are excited to get things moving. We are sure of what God put in our hearts and we are endeavoring to raise the funds needed to fully function as a home for young ladies in need of the care and support that we intend to provide. Our doors are officially open, and we are excited to begin changing our city, one life at a time. Below, we describe several things that must happen in order for Glory House Albany to be fully operational and to eventually move to a home in Albany. We hope you will join with us to see the vision come to pass! 

Building the board 

The Board of Directors will be made up of five or more members from the community who will assist in directing the affairs of Glory House. Individuals with key competencies are needed to lend their expertise and perspectives to round out the current board of directors. Currently, we stand at three board members and are actively seeking others who have the heart expressed through our mission and vision statement and expertise in the following areas--legal, social work, early childhood /youth development, clinical/medical/behavioral health, financial, education, and pastoral/spiritual care.

capital campaign

At this time, it is critical that we continue fundraising toward securing a physical house--to rent or to buy. Ultimately, we hope to operate a home in Albany that will be a more central location for our residents to access needed services. In 2022, we welcomed two young mothers who were with us short-term, and interest continues to build. To best serve the needs of our guests, we also need to secure enough funds for at least one full-time salary.  Other funding needs include house furnishings, computers and software, professional development and training resources for Glory House staff/team, and a marketing and communications budget (including website, social media, print materials, and advertising). In-kind donations and volunteer resources are welcomed and will supplement monetary donations. when possible. 

program development

The success of Glory House Albany will no doubt be aided by effective programs that will help young mothers to acquire confidence and life skills that will enable them to lead their families. We are presently connecting with key individuals and organizations who can aid in delivering needed training such as financial management and parenting. Some curriculum may be developed in-house, but we will work with local service providers/partners wherever possible to supplement the Glory House Curriculum. We do not feel the need to create something new when successful and evidence-based programs exist and are available to us.  

securing the house

Securing a physical residence for Glory House is key to the mission and remains a goal of Glory House. It is our desire for Glory House to be in the heart of Albany, NY. Yet, we are open to accepting guests from outside of Albany. Ultimately, we are planning for a home that will allow us to welcome at least five girls into the house at a time. The primary obstacle to achieving this goal is raising the necessary funds. We will consider renting a house (ideally with a rent-to-own plan) if we are unable to raise enough funds to purchase the home outright. Knowing and sensing the importance of serving young moms sooner, rather than later, we decided to begin operating Glory House in the home of its founders, Al & Roseann, in Wynantskill, NY. Two rooms are ready and a third one is being prepared. We are also endeavoring to raise funds to prepare a common space in which our guests can gather for learning and sharing.

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