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Intro to Glory House

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Hello Glory House friends,

I have exciting news to share with you! At the end of April, Glory House will start a blog called 'Selah'… the Passion Translation defines Selah as a pause in HIS presence. I am so excited to share with you what God is doing in me, the ministry of Glory house, and the sphere of influence He has put us in (Al and I) to show His kingdom here on Earth. The blog will be a place where broken hearts can be mended, physical, mental and spiritual prisoners can be freed! (Taken from the scriptures Isaiah 61:1-4 which is part of the ministries full name Isaiah 61 Glory house) Hopefully the blog can open the door of our heart that leads right into the abundant life that God has for His children regardless of our education, who we know, or what’s in our account. God has so richly blessed Al and I with experiences with Him that can help others see HIM more clearly and that is what I would like to share with you, a glimpse into Papa God from my conversations with HIM, my wrestling’s, doubts and even the perceived failures. You will be able to find the posts on our website,, once every other month to start!

I had this question come to me recently… “Do great people do great things?”… Selah

Do people with great charisma and raw talent get chosen to do great things? What about people with wealth, great influence or connections, is it them that stand out for greatness? My first reaction to that thought was “Of course people with great character & great faith do great things!” But after thinking about it a while and remembering the description of what the Messiah would be like from Isaiah 53:1-2. Nothing “great” was mentioned of Him actually just the opposite. Phrases like no beauty, no majesty, nothing in His looks that would draw us to Him. He doesn’t seem to be the next CEO of a fortune 500 company, right? I would lean more towards the thought that ordinary people with nothing, notably GREAT about them, are the ones that are likely to do great things! People who say yes to God even despite apparent lack do great things! The reality, thankfully, is that people who humbly walk with God, giving Him all the broken pieces, trusting Him to do the “great thing” before them are the ones I see thrust into what on lookers would call greatness.

I thought of Mother Teresa, no one could deny that she did great things. Watching the movie about her life I was astonished to find that she had real struggles with her day to day walk with GOD. She struggled with abandonment & loneliness. This is a quote taken from Mother Teresa’s private writings, “I am told God lives in me—and yet the reality of darkness and coldness and emptiness is so great that nothing touches my soul,” she wrote, Selah. After some thought I would answer the earlier question, Do Great People Do Great Things, a little differently. I would say that ordinary people like you and I do great things when we give God our YES and nail to the cross the need to “understand” every why/detail. I find the latter of the two to be a great struggle at times for my analytical mind. No one is disqualified from doing GREAT things because doing great things is not based on our ability as much as who dwells in us. This quote from Mother Teresa is key to success, “Do ordinary things with extraordinary love.” I think that LOVE she is talking about is the kind that makes you want to serve others, make a difference, walk on water so to speak! That LOVE is the LOVE Papa God pours into us each moment we give Him our YES & let HIM live HIS life through us. That is what Al & I have done here at Glory house. We have said yes to the LORD, made room for that LOVE (Jesus) to be manifested through our day to day lives. We try each day to let Papa God live HIS life through us touching others & revealing HIMself to the people around us. Showing them HIS willingness to walk with them through all kinds of life circumstances! Not just the pretty put together circumstances, but the mess sin has caused of our “heart filters/ perspectives.”

The blog will be that journey I invite you to come on with me. I am not a super Christian, I don’t have any credentials to speak of, but I do love God and trust that He will take my, our, ashes and make them beautiful, mend what is broken, and reveal Himself to us replacing the distortions and untruths we believe about Him with the glorious truth about Who He is!

Walking with my eyes up and my heart open,

Roseann Deeb

Co-founder Glory House Ministries

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Lara Vazquetelles
Lara Vazquetelles
Apr 28, 2023

A beautiful lunch to your new blog!


My favorite verse Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take. Goes along nicely with what you have said.


Good word!!!!

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