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God IS Love, Our Refuge...

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

How strange, difficult, maybe just different this last year or so has been for me. Not working a job outside of my home, the ministry of Glory House growing, in the sense of more people knowing we exist, but still not having any long-term guests, a steadier flow of inquiries: 13 in the last year and a half, but only short term stays and a guest staying with us currently (3/2023).

Glory House has not only been involved in helping young women in-house, but also outside of the home setting: praying with them, taking them grocery shopping, and even welcoming their children into the world, just not as “official” residents of Glory House! Although these ladies were unable to qualify for the residence program of Glory House for one reason or another, we were able to fulfill our vision to transform lives, to create healthy, whole families that experience the abundant life that God intended by walking with them through life’s ups and downs. These small bursts of forward movement, followed by months of stillness in between have caused me to pick up the slogan “Slow and steady wins the race!” when people ask me how the ministry is going.

The totality of Glory House, from conception to manifestation, has been about six years. The first two were spent researching how a maternity home would run, gathering a board, and registering to become a 501-C3. As we neared the final stages of preparation to begin sharing our vision with like-minded people, COVID-19 shut down the world entirely for nearly two years. Finally, after many physical and mental challenges to the call we felt the Lord had placed in our hearts, we officially opened our doors for Glory House to take off in 2021. Regardless of the opposition we were faced with through these difficult years, our faith remained strong, knowing with confidence that God indeed did call us to pursue this ministry for the life and hope of those to come.


I have realized, now more than ever, that I have so much to be thankful for even without the breakthroughs I thought would have already come for Glory House! I have steady assurance and confidence knowing God has ordained this ministry to exist, that His loving eyes are upon me always, and that I am fully known and accepted! The same goes for your hopes and dreams, no matter where you are - for what God has tenderly planted in the soil of YOUR heart! How exciting it is to be invited in, to draw near and lean into His goodness, to put our head on His chest hearing - sometimes in words - His heart, thoughts, and dreams for us!

As people who are aware of our Father’s great love for us we can take comfort in the truths that we can experience deeper depths and wider perceptions of His unfailing love for us! We can be thankful that our God invites us in, never turns a cold shoulder and always gives the undivided time we crave as His children. The time that validates our worth and builds us up to grow and know Him more! I am SO grateful that in the uncertainty that comes with living in skin, He, our Father, our Beloved, the One who loves us best is certainly GOOD!

If this truth feels hard to believe right now, if life feels out of control, you don’t feel prepared or qualified for what is coming next, if you don’t have the answers, or even know the next step, remember: your loving Father holds you close!

Lean in friend, God is present and HE is available. Take it from another pilgrim walking out this journey of life, seeking to understand what it means to be one with God, to walk with God and to allow God to live HIS LIFE THROUGH ME, not just me living a “good Christian life for Him”.

John 14:20 “So when that day comes, you will know that I am living in the Father and that you are living in me, for I will be living in you.”

I feel a major key to the kingdom can be found in the experiential revelation of the oneness of the Trinity and us. Jesus, Father God, Holy Spirit are one, equally God and sharing themselves freely with the other. THIS is what Jesus gave all mankind through the cross via the indwelling of the Holy Spirt. He invited us in! To take part in the oneness that the Trinity (God) has always experienced and that was always intended to be shared with all mankind. LOVE is WHO God IS! What we call God’s Love is not a separate expression (God making His thoughts & feelings known) of love, but a giving of themselves, the triune God who created us, wrapping their abounding LOVE around us. When you feel the “love of God” through an act of kindness or mercy, you are experiencing God, Himself. All His other attributes flow from and are motivated by His Love. It is His very essence.

Look up these scriptures that talk about God’s wrap around presence in the Passion Translation. Savor the beautiful imagery. You can feel the warmth and comfort, like a big soft blanket!

Psalm: 7:10; Psalm 16:8; Psalm 62:1-12; Psalm 84:9-11

Walking with my eyes up and my heart open,

Roseann Deeb Co-founder Glory House

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